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Expansion of Save Energy Pump series—release of new energy-saving pump models for Japanese market

Ebara Corporation (manufacturer) and Ebara Techno-Serve Co., Ltd. (distributor) released new products in the Save Energy Pump series (hereafter "SE Series"), model FDP-E and EVM-E in January 2012. These models, being additions to the SE series, which adds energy-saving functions to standard pumps, are stainless steel surface pump models that directly employ premium efficiency motors.

The models have improved the overall efficiency of Ebara's major standard stainless steel pump models of FDP (stainless steel centrifugal pump) and EVM (stainless steel vertical multistage pump) by employing the "premium efficiency motor", which is equivalent to the most efficient induction motors with a rating of IE3*2 according to IEC standards*1.

As well as model LPD-B and FSD-B released in October 2010, the newly released model FDP-E and EVM-E will become standard models of the SE series. The new models satisfy the higher efficiency levels required by pump facilities according to various regulations, guidelines and specifications which require higher efficiency in order to conserve energy. However, for the new models we have kept the price increases to below 20% of our current models.

- Model: FDP-E (premium efficiency motor-driven stainless steel centrifugal pump model) - Bore size (suction): 32 to 65 mm - Output: 0.4 to 5.5 kW

- Model: EVML-E (SUS316 specification) EVMG-E (Cast iron/SUS304 specification) (premium efficiency motor-driven stainless steel vertical multistage pump) - Bore size: 25 to 100 mm - Output: 0.37 to 37 kW.

For the various energy-saving needs of customers, Ebara offers two lines of models in the SE series, standard models with a premium efficiency motor, and high-performance models*3 that include a PM motor. EBARA will release the SE series for surface pumps, submersible pumps and booster units, later on.

Through further development, such as creating a higher efficiency hydraulic design and conducting development as a controller for energy-saving products of the standard pump market, the Ebara Group will contribute further to relieving global warming and reducing environmental load while meeting customer needs in regards to energy saving.

*1 The IEC standard is established by the International Electrotechnical Commission, which develops international standards in the fields of electrics and electronics. The IEC standard defines motor efficiency levels.
*2 The efficiency specified by "JIS C 4212: Low-voltage three-phase squirrel-cage high-efficiency induction motors," which is required of motors utilized with pumps by the Japanese Green Purchasing Promoting Law and its relative regulations, which are equivalent to the IE2 efficiency levels defined by the IEC standards. The required level of efficiency in IE3 is an efficiency level higher than that of IE2. The efficiency of 1.5 to 5.5 kW, 11 kW to 18.5 kW and 37 kW, 60 Hz-200 V models is the IE2 level. For less than 0.75 kW motors the efficiency standards have been independently defined by Ebara since no definition is specified by the IEC standards.
*3 Among the models in the SE series, the SSE (Super Save Energy) series will be released as the most energy-saving pumps in the market by fitting them with PM motors, which are more efficient than premium efficiency induction motors.
Note: Model xxx is our model code.
FDP-E model
FDP-E model
EVML-E model
EVML-E model