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Information on release of new dry vacuum pump, model EV-A10

We have launched a new dry vacuum pump, model EV-A10, in October, 2012.

Model EV-A10 was developed as a small-size and air-cooled dry vacuum pump for general industrial purposes, based on the dry vacuum pump technology cultivated in cutting-edge areas including the semiconductor industry, such as LED, solar battery, the liquid crystal industry, etc.

Outline of product

Name Dry vacuum pump, model EV-A10
Pumping speed 1,000 L/min
Ultimate pressure 1.0 Pa (without gas ballast), and 2.0 Pa (with gas ballast)

This product, as an air-cooled pump, does not require cooling water. The only utility required is the power supply. Hence there is a high degree of freedom with regard to installation, including uses for existing equipment. In addition, casters are attached as standard, allowing the pump to be carried easily. The pump can be used over a wide range of applications* for general vacuum exhaust, analysis/measurement, vacuum drying and more.
Moreover, the pump is also CE mark and NRTL-compliant for use outside Japan as well.

We will further concentrate on the development of products and services to help customers improve their productivity and reduce their total cost in the future.

* The pump is not suitable for uses in which corrosive or explosive gas is exhausted or reactive sub-product is generated.
A gas ballast is necessary for exhausting gas containing condensable gas or moisture.
Type EV-A10
Type EV-A10