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The launch of Two New Dry Vacuum Pump Models

—— New models expand the small-size and air-cooled dry vacuum pump for general industrial purposes lineup to offer speeds of 50 to 1,670 L/min. ——

Ebara Corporation launched two new models of air-cooled dry vacuum pumps that can be used in various evacuation applications for analytical instruments, medical equipment, as well as in the food industry, coating industry, and in manufacturing facilities. The EV-SA20 and PDV50 were launched in January, 2014.

The new air-cooled dry vacuum pumps were developed using the unique dry vacuum pump technology accumulated by Ebara through its experience in leading-edge industries such as the semiconductor industry. With the addition of these two new models, Ebara has expanded its product line of air-cooled dry vacuum pumps to offer speeds of 50 to 1,670 L/min, allowing customers to apply Ebara pumps to a wider range of uses. The EV-SA20 achieves a maximum pumping speed of 1,670 L/min, the largest in the product line, while the PDV50 meets market needs for a small-sized, lightweight solution.

Only a power supply is required to operate these pumps and because they can be easily moved and have flexible installation, that can be used for a wide variety of applications※1. Moreover, the products are CE mark and NRTL compliant, allowing them to be used overseas as well.

Ebara Corporation will continue to further dedicate itself to developing products and services that contribute to the improvement of customer productivity and cost reduction.

Outline of product

1 Name :Air-cooled dry vacuum pump, model EV-SA20
Pumping speed :1,670 L/min
Ultimate pressure :3 Pa without gas ballast (5 Pa with gas ballast)

2 Name :Air-cooled dry vacuum pump, model PDV50
Pumping speed :50 L/min without gas ballast (36 L/min with gas ballast)
Ultimate pressure :20 Pa without gas ballast (200 Pa with gas ballast)

【Ebara air-cooled dry vacuum pump product line】

Model Pumping speed
Ultimate pressure ※2
Dimensions(WxLxH mm)※3
PDV50 New 50L/min 20Pa 184 x 300 x 253
PDV250 230L/min 0.5Pa 168 x 442 x 253
PDV500 500L/min 0.5Pa 185 x 467 x 285
EV-A10 1,000L/min 1Pa 317 x 544 x 344
EV-SA20 New 1,670L/min 3Pa 324 x 584 x 347

*1 Pumps are not suitable for uses where corrosive or explosive gases are emitted or where reactive byproducts are generated. A gas ballast is required to discharge gas containing condensable gas or moisture.
*2 Ultimate pressures in the table above are values when the gas ballast is not used.
  • Dimensions in the table above are those of the chassis (including casters) and does not include intake/exhaust ports.

Note: "Model XXX" is our model code.