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EBARA Releases Model F-REX300X, a New CMP System

December 3, 2014

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) Precision Machinery Company has announced a new model F-REX300X for its mainstay chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) systems. The new model features an increased number of cleaning units, making it further advanced on replacing consumables and performing other maintenances while the system is running. This is a true Nonstop concept CMP system. In addition, it boasts a mechanical conveyance capacity that is about twice as high as that of Model F-REX300SII, the existing flagship model, thereby enhancing the productivity of short-time processes.

CMP systems perform chemical and mechanical polishing to achieve the nanometer level planarity required for the semiconductor chip manufacturing process (one nanometer is equal to one millionth of a millimeter). EBARA’s original concepts of "1-head per 1-table" and the "4 table platform" have paved the way for high throughputs and superior process performance where requirements for those are becoming more and more challenging by the year. Thus, Model F-REX300SII is widely used by leading-edge customers not only for copper CMP, but also for various applications today. EBARA will add Model F-REX300X to its lineup of CMP systems in a bid to meet a broader range of customer needs.

EBARA’s Precision Machinery Company will further step up its efforts to develop products and services that provide customers with the performance essential to enhance productivity and enable further advancements of semiconductors.

The new Model F-REX300X is now being exhibited on panels at Semicon Japan 2014 , which kicked off today at Tokyo Big Sight.

Notes) Model ○○ is our model code.
Model F-REX300X
Model F-REX300X