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EBARA launched New Exhaust Gas Treatment Equipment, Model TND-Single and Model TND-Single Plus

November 1, 2019

Illustration of Model TND-Single

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) is pleased to announce that, in November 2019, we launched a new line of exhaust gas treatment equipment used in a manufacturing process of semiconductor. It has the Model TND-Single (burn+ wet) and the Model TND-Single Plus (wet + burn + wet).

As technologies of communication and robot advances rapidly associated with the progress of IoT and AI, demands such as for higher efficiency in exhaust gas treatment and extended intervals between maintenance with deposit measures are increasing, in the process of semiconductor manufacturing. EBARA develop a new exhaust gas treatment equipment with the Model TND Series, which are specialized for the needs of customers. We will deliver reliable EBARA-branded products, focusing on Japan, North America, and Taiwan.

2. Product overvie
(1)With a new type of burner equipped, it enables highly efficient incineration with reduced loss of thermal energy and achieves low NOx and low CO.
(2)Auto deposit removal function, wet wall form function, and inner tank stirring function extend the maintenance interval (3 to 6 times longer than existing products1).
(3)The addition of a wet treatment process before the burner removes process gasses that generate a large amount of deposits, such as SiN and TiN, significantly reduce the amount of powder generated inside the burner

Product lineup
Model Max gas inlet number Max gas influx volume (L/min)2 Dimensions
W x D x H (mm)3
TND-Single 4 200 (per port)
400 (per burner)
1200 x 650 x 1980 City gas, or
propane gas
TND-Single Plus 2
1 Value compared to our existing products under the same conditions. It may vary depending on conditions.
2 It may vary depending on conditions.
3 Only for the main body. This doesn't include connected pipes and other parts.

3.Future plan
EBARA will display exhibit panels of the Model TND-Single and Model TND-Single Plus at SEMICON Japan, which takes place in December 2019.
【SEMICON Japan 2019】

For inquiries about the new TND Series, click here .

EBARA will continue challenges with technology to meet customer expectations and contribute to further development in the diversifying semiconductor industry.

Model ○○ is our model code.

The EBARA Group will strive for its mid-term management plan and key ESG issues, to achieve its management policy and further increase its corporate value, as well as contribute to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Expansion of industrial processes that consider clean technology and the environment

Significant reduction of chemical emissions