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EBARA receives 2019 Supplier Achievement Award (SAA) from Intel Corporation (US)

April 16, 2020

EBARA Corporation (“EBARA”) has been awarded the Supplier Achievement Award by Intel Corporation(”Intel”)

1. Overview
The SAA awarded to EBARA is given to supplier companies which have achieved especially excellent performances in areas where Intel places emphasis on. This award values that you have played an important role in leading the industry

2.Future plan
As the information society getting ever sophisticated, the semiconductor industry is accelerating its evolution. People’s lifestyles are changing more than ever and demand on semiconductor’s technical innovations to underpin society is expanding.
Encouraged with this award, going forward, EBARA will continue to study and research the next generation semiconductor process technologies through our customers, respective consortia, universities and laboratories. Focused on “Enhancing our development of products and services with competitive advantages” manifested in EBARA’s mid-term management plan “E-Plan2022”, in the semiconductor device manufacturing area, we will be working on refining, improving and developing devices so that we may meet our customers’ various needs in light of markets of AI, IoT etc. And as for component products, we are making efforts in developing products that will contribute to energy reduction and environmental load reduction.

■Reference Site:Intel Newsroom 

The EBARA Group will contribute to the society and the resolution of social issues toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our business, while simultaneously increasing the social, environmental, and economic value.

Elevate standards of living and support abundant lifestyles for all

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※1: Intel’s three Supplier Awards:Supplier Continuous Quality Improvement Award(SCQI); Preferred Quality Supplier Award(PQS); Supplier Achievement Award(SAA)