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EBARA signs Capital and Business Alliance with Regional Fish

Jun 30, 2020

EBARA Corporation (EBARA) has now entered into a capital and business alliance with Regional Fish Institute, Ltd. (Regional Fish), having underwritten a third-party allocation of shares of Regional Fish.

1. Background
At EBARA, in line with our slogan “Technology, Passion, Support our Globe”, we have our mid-term management plan “E-Plan2022”. In accordance with the plan, we are making efforts to create new businesses, capturing the social needs globally from the market-in perspective, so that we contribute to building a sustainable society through solutions utilizing our technologies.

To do that, we established a dedicated organization in 2018 and are working to create new businesses while being proactive in making technological alliances with external venture companies. Furthermore, we aim at fostering “A corporate culture that competes and challenges” through creation of new businesses by recruiting project members via internal open calls for candidates.

2. About Regional Fish
Regional Fish is a food-tech start-up established mainly with aqua products quality improvement technology seeds of Kyoto University and Kindai University and others. It is building a next generation aquaculture system, through open innovations, combining aqua products quality improvement technology (to speed-up) with smart aquafarming (automated farming) to aim for “Resolving global scarcity of protein (SDG#2: Zero hunger)”, “re-promoting Japan’s aquaculture and regional revitalization (SDG#8: Decent work and economic growth)”, and “Preventing marine pollution (SDG#14: Life below water)”.

EBARA has agreed with their efforts to resolve environmental issues thus reached to entering into this capital and business alliance.

3. Future Plan
EBARA focused on the globally increasing demand for aqua resources and the water pollution problems caused by the conventional sea-surface farming accompanying expansions of aqua farming businesses, and then started-up Aquaculture Business Promotion Project to promote development of next generation aquaculture technologies.

We will aim to embody an aquaculture system that is friendly to the earth environment, safe and secure without threat of invasion of pathogens, and able to supply stable quality and quantity, and to proceed with R&D of land culture. EBARA will develop an energy saving and automated aquaculture system with our technology for fluid or thermal control we have cultivated since the foundation of the company.

EBARA Group aims at Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through tackling ESG materiality issues based on its long-term vision and mid-term management plan and makes efforts to further increase its corporate value.

Contributing to building lifestyles that evolve to be prosperous

Regional Fish Institute, Ltd.
CEO:Tadanori Umekawa
Established: April 10, 2019
Business Description: Research and Development related to quality improvement of aqua products and smart aquafarming, Marketing, Planning, and Sales.