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Let us protect Medical Care with homemade masks! EBARA agrees with and supports “#SAVETheNurse”

Jun 29, 2020

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) agrees with the purpose and intent of “#Let us protect the medical system with homemade face masks #SAVETheNurse”, a campaign to educate on and promote homemade masks spearheaded by the “Kenkokeiei Kaigi (Health Management Congress)”.

One of the efforts to prevent a collapse of the medical system amid countermeasures against COVID-19 is “Homemade masks”. Amid the shortage of off-the-shelf masks, EBARA is proactively promoting homemade masks made of accessible things such as a handkerchief that can be provided on a priority basis to the medical professionals as well as fundamental countermeasures against infection (washing hands vigorously/social distancing).