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New Year's Message from President Masao Asami

January 7, 2021

Happy New Year. The whole world was tossed by COVID-19 last year. In the midst of global pandemic situation, we were still able to continue our business and support society because of the efforts of people including our employees and their families, our customers, business partners, and suppliers, all of those who supported us. Thank you very much.

Last year, we announced E-Vision 2030 describing the way EBARA wants to be in 2030, and E-Plan 2022 stating what we will do in the three years up to 2022 to achieve E-Vision 2030. E-Vision aims to create a sustainable society, contribute to the creation of an evolving abundant lifestyles, promote the participation and advancement in the workplace of human resources, and further innovation of governance. And, in the E-Plan, we will improve profitability, grow businesses that we need to, find seeds for new businesses and develop them, accelerate the management through DX, and further innovate governance.

Japanese Prime Minister, Suga, has declared carbon neutral by 2050. E-Vision 2030's commitment to building a sustainable society, contributing to the creation of evolving and abundant lifestyles, and thoroughly implementing environmental management support this declaration. Various measures and actions will be taken to build a carbon free society. Meanwhile, speedy resolutions for global issues are necessary with advancement of digital technology. In order to contribute to creating a sustainable society as well as evolving abundant lifestyles, please stay safe and healthy, think and act for yourself, and let’s support our globe with our technology and passion!

Masao Asami
President, Representative Executive Officer

*This is a summary of the internal New Year's speech delivered on January 5th.