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Introducing "Spectee Pro," for support disaster recovery AI-based disaster-prevention and risk-management solution by Spectee Inc.,

Sample screen display of Spectee Pro

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) introduced an AI-based disaster-prevention and risk-management solution, "Spectee Pro" offered by Spectee Inc. to enable rapid restoration of pumping stations in the event of a disaster.

1. Background
Japan is surrounded by ocean and known for a large area under the sea level and many rivers running throughout the country. In this environment, water disasters such as flooding and landslides caused by typhoons and heavy rains, have become more severe and frequent. Against these disasters, taking countermeasures including not only rescue on site, but also disaster prevention and mitigation measures, has become a challenge for Japan that needs to be addressed nationwide.

2. Summary
EBARA introduced Spectee Pro, which is a disaster-prevention and risk-management solution that facilitates decision-making on site by quickly and accurately "visualizing" disaster- and risk-related information based on big data analysis using AI. It collects a wide range of information from real-time SNS postings to weather forecasts, river conditions, and traffic data of people and things. We will be able to obtain accurate information quickly through Spectee Pro to make decisions and direct actions in a speedy manner, and strive to minimize the damages while ensuring safety of workers engaged in disaster recovery on site.

3. Future Development
One of the important challenges raised in EBARA's long-term vision, "E-Vision 2030" is "contribution to the creation of a sustainable society." We will contribute to the realization of safe and secure lifestyles not only by increasing the capacity of various pumping facilities to deal with water disasters and applying new technologies, but also by working to strengthen social infrastructures utilizing AI, ICT, big data, and other resources.

The EBARA Group aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by tackling ESG materialities based on its long-term vision and medium-term management plan, to further improve its corporate value.