Corporate Social Responsibility

Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.


Our Stakeholders

The EBARA Group CSR Policy indicates our commitment to fostering trust with our valued stakeholders by conducting our business with a strong sense of ethics. We are dedicated to co-creating value for society, industry, and life through the pursuit of collaborative partnerships with various stakeholders.

These partnerships are essential to the sustainable growth of the Group, and we strive to hold as many possible areas for high quality communication to create new value for society through strategic stakeholder engagement.


Dialogues with Shareholders and Investors

The EBARA Group recognizes the development of long-term relationships of trust with shareholders and other investors as one of its most important management tasks. The EBARA Group appropriately discloses corporate information necessary for shareholders and other investors to make investment decisions and strives to further strengthen these relationships on a continuous basis by engaging in constructive dialogue through various investor relations (IR) activities.

In regard to the EBARA Group’s IR structure, in principle, the Executive Officer responsible for IR and the IR Department performs all IR activities overseen by the President and Representative Executive Officer. Furthermore, Directors (including Independent Directors), Executive Officers, and other members of top management arrange opportunities to speak directly with shareholders and investors as necessary.

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Investor Relations Basic Policy

- Status of IR/SR Activities -
Details FY2019
IR activities Individual meetings 181 times
Conferences held by securities companies 41 times
Financial results briefings 4 times
Business briefings (Compressors & Turbines) 1 time
SR activities Tours for individual shareholders 2 times
Company briefings for individual investors 2 times
Company briefings for individual investors 7 times

Dialogues with Employees—Discussions with Executives—

Global Conversations with the President

With the goal of truly embedding the mission of EBARA to support our globe with technology and passion, President Asami has been conducting conversations with employees both domestically and abroad. In 2019, the themes discussed domestically included, “How to solve issues” and “Work-style Reforms,” whereas themes discussed abroad included, “The future of EBARA,” and “The necessary components of a global company.”

FY2019 Times held Total number of participants
Japan 9 74
Abroad 4 (3 countries/4 locations) 13