Corporate Social Responsibility

Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.

Our Work & Society

Supporting Society, Infrastructure, and life through our Products and Services

EBARA Group contributes to safety, security, and betterment of society; EBARA’s products, technology and services are used in facilities supporting society, industry and everyday life such as social infrastructures and industrial production facilities including those for energy.

Quality Management

Quality Control Policy

The technologies, products, and services that the EBARA Group provides to society need to accurately grasp the quality customers expect and express the excellent EBARA brand. They also need to be developed reasonably, economically, and reliably, backed by the Founding Spirit, Passion and Dedication, and the Corporate Philosophy, "We contribute to society with high-quality technologies and products in the areas of water, air and the environment."

We incorporate in just proportion the quality customers expect into our design and make it a reality through our manufacturing process, without fail. We create quality management systems in each operating division based on ISO9001. We also regularly review the quality management systems for continuous improvement.

ISO9001 Certification

We manage our quality management systems based on ISO9001 at each manufacturing facility and work on continuous improvement.

Percentage of ISO9001-Certified Ebara Group Manufacturing Facilities %

As of September 20, 2017