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Ebara Engineering Review No.232

Development of a Heat Source System Engineering Tool, Ene-Move

by Yasunari KURIHARA, & Ken ARIMA

The newly developed Ene-Move is an engineering tool for a heat source system. The Ene-Move's practical type heat source management simulation enables making estimations on environmental impact and running costs by reproducing field heat source management data on desktop. It includes a field data retrieval/collection wireless device, a heat source system estimate software program for automatic calculation of initial costs, and a software program for making optimal heat source system proposals. Comprehensive proposals for heat source systems which match particular situations can thus be worked out.

Engineering, Simulation, Heat source, System, Running cost, Initial cost, Negative environmental impact, Operation, Wireless, Field dat

New Easy-maintenance/inspection Pump for Uritagawa Pump Station

by Kazuhisa WATANABE, Sakae SHIMIZU, & Toshihiro SAKURAI

A new type vertical pump, featuring easy maintenance and inspection has been installed at the Uritagawa Pump Station. This pump's submerged bearing is made of a special resin which enables an anhydrous operation. An over-link gate (without gate posts) used for the discharge is enabling a reduction in cost and a better visual blend with the landscape. Of particular interest is that Ebara has been awarded the Kyushu Regional Development Bureau Chief Prize, Construction Category as Excellent Construction Company for its technological expertise featured in this pump and the short time it took to overall modify the pump station.

New vertical pump, Submerged bearing, Maintenance-management, Special resin, Automatic screen, Without gate post, Over link gate

Contracted Full-responsibility Management of a Waste Treament Plant, Kashiwa City Hokubu Clean Center

by Mitsuyoshi TAKAMI

Cases are increasing where the management of waste treatment plants is contracted to corporations in the private sector. Ebara has from 2008 taken over the management of Kashiwa City Hokubu Clean Center, one such waste treatment plant which had until then been managed by the municipality. The management contract is over a period of 14 years and the transfer of management work was done by step over a 3-year period. In 2008 this plant's incineration had already been in operation for 17 years, its car wash wastewater treatment facility for 28 years, and its bulky waste treatment facility for 31 years. Extensive modification had been carried out to update these facilities and measures are being taken to elongate their lives. Furthermore, improvement in the management itself is attempted by reducing power and utility consumption, as well as by implementing efficient human resource practices.

Waste treatment plant, Long-term contracted full-responsibility management, Twin internally revolving floor fluidized bed incinerator, Extensive modification of waste treatment plant, Reduction in electric power consumption, Reduction in utility consumption, Use of human resources