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Ebara Engineering Review No.234

Eddy Current Sensor for Endpoint Monitoring of a Chemical-Mechanical Polishing System

by Ryuichiro MITANI

Eddy current sensor have been developed for precise monitoring of wafer polishing endpoints in CMP systems. The sensor enhances the preciseness of endpoint detection, greatly improves the planarity of metal films, and thus satisies demands in the ever-progressing semiconductor device market.

Eddy current, Rresonance frequency, Excitation frequency, Resistance component, Inductive reactance, Rotary connector, Synchronous circuit

Regional Production and Application of Custom-made Pumps in Vietnam

by Hiroshige TAKANO, Takanobu OBA, & Kenichi MORI

Two types of custom-made pump systems regionally produced in Vietnam and applied in the same, have been developed as a solution to constructional and operational problems encountered at existing pump stations. One system features the use of an inclined submersible motor pump, which befits site structural-engineering conditions and enables facilitated operability, while the other features a vertical pull-out pump for facilitated maintenance. Both systems are now being used at new pump stations as well as at an old one. Such regional production and application is expected to grow for its cost-saving and enhanced operability effects.

Region production for region consumption, Inclined submersible motor pump, Vertical pull-out pump, Simplification of civil work, Facilitated maintenance work, Climate change, Irrigation / Drainage pumping station, Cost down, Custom-made pump, Vietnam

The Yamate Tunnel Ventilation System

by Hiroshi UDAGAWA, Taizan SASAKI, & Mitsuyoshi MIZUTANI

Ebara's transverse ventilation system has been installed at Kanamecho and Nakaochiai ventilation stations of Yamate Tunnel, an 11 km tunnel along Tokyo's Metropolitan Expressway. A transverse type system was adopted to match specific structural factors of this tunnel. The following outlines and discusses this ventilation system, including its design.

Metropolitan expressway, Yamate tunnel, Tunnel ventilation, Transverse ventilation system, Axial flow fan

EBARA Microturbine Cogeneration Package

by Takahiro NAKAGAWA

EBARA's Microturbine Cogeneration Package features low vibration, low airborne noise and high total efficiency. Its impact on the environment is significantly minimized as exemplified by a NOx content of less than 30 ppm in the exhaust gas. As complete combustion takes place, the emission of unburnt methane gas is less than 1 ppm. Moreover, the package's simple configuration with only a few auxiliary machines, allows easy installation, operation and maintenance. CO2 emission can be significantly reduced by the use of low calorific value, sewage digester gas as biomass fuel. Highly reliable operability is achieved by use of a remote control system for operational support and maintenance. In case of a heated water using package, an electrical efficiency of 29% and a heat recovery efficiency of 50% is achieved versus the fuel energy, constituting a total efficiency of about 79%.

Microturbine, Power generation, Cogeneration, Sewage digester gas, Biomass, CO2 reduction, Remote monitoring system, Grid tie, Low NOx, Low airborne noise