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Business Segments

The EBARA Group globally operates three business segments: the Fluid Machinery and Systems Business, the Environmental Engineering Business, and the Precision Machinery Business. These businesses are operated through three in-house companies: the Fluid Machinery and Systems Company, the Environmental Engineering Company, and the Precision Machinery Company, which individually oversee the relevant businesses. The EBARA Group takes the lead in the areas related to water, air, and environment to respond to customer needs.

The Fluid Machinery and Systems Company (Business)

The Fluid Machinery & Systems Company, with the longest history of EBARA's three business groups, boasts top level technologies of world class standards. In addition to pumps, a mainstay business since the Corporation's establishment, our fluid machinery products and systems meet the needs of our customers and society based upon superior technology and rich experience.

While we constantly strive to create a new and make fresh technological innovations, we continue to develop global operations and to act in a broad array of industrial fields.

Major products
Pumps, Compressors, Refrigeration, Blowers, Chillers, cooling towers, Energy-related systems, Fluid machinery plants/solutions

The Environmental Engineering Company (Business)

The EE Company, having the corporate philosophy that EBARA will contribute to the construction of a sustainable society, which is the greatest challenge common to all humankind in the 21st century, conducts EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and O&M (Operation and Maintenance) operations in relation to environmental and energy-related infrastructure.

Major products

The Precision Machinery Company (Business)

The PM Company develops, manufactures and distributes a variety of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and components according to customer needs with an eye toward the full-blown arrival of the nanotechnology era. While supplying its key dry vacuum pumps and chemical mechanical polishing systems in the global market, the PM Company launches various systems to respond to the nodes of the next generation, such as plating systems, bump plating systems, bevel polishing systems, and electron beam inspection systems.

Major products
Vacuum pumps, Chemical mechanical polishing systems, Plating systems, Systems and equipment for the semiconductor industry

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