Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

EBARA CORPORATION ("Ebara") recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in the advanced information and communication society of today, and we ensure that your personal information is secured by incorporating the following policies:

  • 1Collecting personal information Ebara collects personal information through fair and legal manners.
  • 2Utilizing personal information Ebara only uses personal information as within the limit specified at the time of collection of such information, and only when necessary to conduct business operations.
  • 3Providing personal information to a third party Ebara will not provide personal information to third parties without prior consent of the person in question, with the only exception being legal orders.
  • 4Secure management of personal information ・Ebara will maintain the accuracy of personal information, and keep it safe.
    ・Ebara takes the appropriate information security measures against unauthorized access and computer viruses in order to prevent the leak, loss, damage and falsification of personal information.
  • 5Disclosure, correction, suspension and deletion of personal information Ebara understands that the person in question has the right to ask us to disclose, correct, suspend and delete personal information; therefore, we will carry out the necessary measures immediately upon request of the person in question.
  • 6Formation, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Compliance Program for Personal Information Protection In order to implement this policy, Ebara has established a Compliance Program for Personal Information Protection (including this policy, "Personal Information Protection Regulations" and other rules and regulations) to ensure the thorough understanding of these rules and regulations by our executives and employees, and to implement, maintain and improve them.

Handling personal information

Ebara may, if necessary when conducting business with other companies within the Group or if required as part of a business operation, provide personal information to other Group companies.
However, we will not provide such information to other Group companies if requested by the person in question.
In order to make such a request, please contact our personal information office as shown below.

Purposes of the Use of Personal Information

EBARA CORPORATION ("EBARA") will use personal information for the following purposes when conducting its business operations:

Providers of personal information
Purposes of Use
Customers ・ To conduct product sales and maintenances, and to provide services
・ To administrate the history of maintenances, etc.
・ To introduce our products, technologies and services
・ To conduct surveys on our products, technologies and services
・ To respond to customers’ enquiries and questionnaires
・ To make necessary contacts or enquiries in performing operations, related to items listed above
Business partners ・ To execute contracts of transactions (e.g., purchasing materials, goods and services)
・ To make necessary contacts in performing operations
Shareholders ・ To exercise rights and perform obligations in compliance with laws and regulations
・ To provide facilities to those who hold the status of a shareholder
・ To implement various measures in order to promote a smooth relationship with our shareholders
・ To manage the information of our shareholders in compliance with laws and regulations (e.g., developing a shareholder database)
Job applicants ・ To send out notices and provide information on recruitment to job applicants (including those who apply for internships)
・ To conduct management in relation to recruitment procedures
Other personnel who make enquiries to us ・ To respond to enquiries and communicate with the enquirers
Current and Former Employees, Family of Employees ・ In times of emergency/crisis in order to confirm safety or communicate.

Personal Information Office

Human Resources, Legal & General Affairs Division

To send an inquiry or an opinion about Ebara, please do so by sending us an "General Enquiries".