Looking ahead, going beyond expectations Ahead Beyond

Stepping into the future and reaching new heights by fostering a corporate culture of competition and challenge.
Making the environment more livable in the ever changing world.

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Brand concept

Since our foundation, the driving forces of our growth have been “challenge” and “creativity.”

This spirit remains strong within us. It is reflected in all our dealings with people internally and externally, our attitude to our work, and the dedication with which we respond to society. It lies at the heart of our professional attitudes of responsibility and pride, and our indomitable will to succeed.

As a world-class manufacturer, we support social infrastructure, drive industrial development, and contribute to richer, safer living and a prospering society. But the world is faced with global issues such as natural disasters and increasing demands on the environment and resources. The Internet of Things is changing the way we live, making our world wider and more digital. Our world is entering an era of change, and so must we.

We will create results that go beyond expectations. We can do this because of our long history, our keen foresight, our cherished relationships, and our ability to change. We can do this because we believe in cooperation based on diversity that goes beyond countries and cultures and the framework of our own organization. And we can do this through our global collective wisdom that fuses together new technology and new ideas.
Looking ahead, going beyond expectations. Ahead, Beyond

Top Message

Looking forward to the next 100 years, we are determined to continue our growth as an enterprise, expand our business in a wider range of fields and regions, and support infrastructure, industry, and life. We will accomplish this through the utilization of the technologies and expertise we have accumulated over our 100 year history, and the maximization of the talents of each and every employee.

To this end, more than ever before, we must embrace competition and challenge ourselves to do better, always reach for greater heights and take up any and all endeavors with passion and dedication.

The Precision Machinery Business, where I have spent the majority of my career, is constantly in competition to develop ever more advanced technologies in support of the semiconductor industry, where change is fast-paced. To keep up with our customers and our competition, this business has developed a strong culture of incorporating new challenges into daily operations. I think we can further promote the growth of EBARA Group as a whole by instilling all business segments with the same enthusiasm.

I believe that EBARA Group’s mission is “Technology. Passion. Support the Globe.” We will continue striving for a corporate culture that encourages competition and embraces challenge, in addition to providing solutions that go beyond the expectations and imaginations of our customers.

Masao Asami
President, Representative Executive Officer

Brand Statement

Looking ahead, going beyond expectations Ahead Beyond

‘Ahead’ expresses our leadership, always a step ahead of the competition. ‘Beyond’ expresses our promise to exceed expectations.
As a pioneering industry leader, we are committed to creating products and solutions that go beyond expectations and the imagination of our customers, while looking firmly forward to the opportunities of the future.
‘Ahead, Beyond’ reflects our corporate spirit, never satisfied with the status quo, always reaching for greater heights, and continuing to challenge.

The comma between "Ahead" and "Beyond" is designed as pushing straight forward and bursting with vitality to show our stance of keeping changing dynamically towards the future, and the crimson color represents "passion" and “bond" with our customers. The refreshing blue used in the letters depicts "intellect" created through collaboration of diversity and "youthful spirit" up to challenges all the time.

Brand Movie

Reflecting our corporate spirit, never satisfied with the status quo,
continuing to challenge, always reaching for greater heights as a top level industrial machinery manufacturer.