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Toichi Maeda
President, Representative Executive Officer

Globally, there are increasing social needs for social and industrial infrastructure development, including that of energy, water infrastructure, and environment-related facilities, as well as highly efficient systems and machinery composed of these elements. These social needs are the very territory on which the Ebara Group’s business is based. Our mission is to fulfill our corporate social responsibility through the provision of solutions via our products and services.

The Ebara Group launched its "E-Plan 2019," a new medium-term management plan, in FY 2017. At the completion of the E-Plan 2019, we aim to have further developed as a manufacturer of industrial machinery that grows and develops its business on a global scale. To do so, we designate the period covered by E-Plan 2019 as one in which to engage in “unlimited challenge toward growth” with the aim of thoroughly improving profitability in all of our businesses.

In addition, we have taken this opportunity to create a brand slogan.

This is a global brand slogan that incorporates the Ebara Group’s corporate stance toward the future, soaring ahead and beyond with our determination to compete and challenge ourselves.

The Ebara Group will continue to provide products and solutions that exceed the expectations and imaginations of our customers. We will further continue to be a corporate group that widely contributes to society through the provision of outstanding technologies and the finest services for the next one hundred years.