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Introducing the 100th Anniversary Commemorative Logo

On November 2012, Ebara will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding as pump manufacturer in 1912. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone for your support as we continue to grow and evolve as a company.

The 100th Anniversary logo was created to commemorate Ebara’s founding and to mark the start of our next 100 years. The logo* is designed to inspire Ebara on to new challenges for even greater leaps forward, expanding global activity, and a broader range of contribution to society. The logo’s base color is ultramarine blue evoking the image of water, sky, and earth that is deeply connected to the Ebara business operations.

100th Anniversary CHALLENGE NEXT100

The new corporate catch phrase for its 100th anniversary, “Challenge NEXT100” is also being launched. The catch phrase expresses the start of a new century for Ebara and articulates our medium term management plan policy to “tackle new challenges to maintain our status as a company beneficially contributing to society” as well as our conviction to continue building Ebara’s legacy of globalization, productivity innovation, and corporate advancement.

In addition to introducing the 100th Anniversary Commemorative Logo, we will post special content about the evolution of the Company on our homepage.

Ebara began operations manufacturing pumps and its expertise grew to encompass compressors, refrigeration equipment, incineration facilities, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and numerous other devices that help provide safety and security in our daily lives. We will move forward in the next century as an industrial machinery manufacturer that makes extensive contribution to society by providing superior technology and services. We look forward to and appreciate your continued support.

* Logo design concept
The number 1 is shaped like an arrow pointing upward and to the right to symbolize Ebara’s future potential, vitality, and dynamism.The zero on the right is designed to conjure an image of the earth. Ebara provides products in various fields that support social infrastructure, industry, and lifestyles, and the earth image symbolizes our desire to continue making contributions around the world. The three arrows revolving upward and to the right represent Ebara’s three internal companies—Fluid Machinery & Systems, Environmental Engineering, and Precision Machinery—and signify our intention to develop operations for the benefit of the earth and society.