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New Air-Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump Model Launched Small-sized, lightweight model EV-PA for general industrial use

December 10, 2018

Model EV-PA500 (left), Model EV-PA50 (right)

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) launched a new air-cooled dry vacuum pump Model EV-PA in December 2018, which creates a cleaner vacuum environment in diverse evacuation applications for analytical instruments, medical equipment, as well as for the food and coating industries.

1 . Background and Purposes
In the analysis, medical, food, and coating industries that this new product targets, demands for achieving a clean vacuum environment and reduction of vacuum pump maintenance frequency have been increasing.
EBARA has developed this new product to satisfy customer requirements in the analysis, medical, food, and coating industries, using the unique dry vacuum pump technology it has accumulated through its experience in the semiconductor industry, where the requirements for vacuum quality and pump maintenance intervals and cleanliness are severe.
2 . Features
・A back current of water or oil does not occur.
・A non-contact seal is used, which eliminates the need for seal replacement and extends the maintenance interval.
・Only the power supply is required to operate the product.
・The product is very light at 9 to 21 kg and can be easily moved, which allows use for a wide range of applications*1.
・Compliant with CE mark and NRTL・SEMI S2 (Can be used overseas as well)
・Three models are available with pumping speeds from 50 to 500 L/min.
3 . Future Plan
We have set a sales goal for 2019 to 1,000 pumps/year. We will aim at 10,000 pumps/year in the future.
EBARA will continue to further dedicate itself to developing products and services that contribute to improving customer productivity and reducing costs.
[Product line]
Model Pumping speed*2
Ultimate pressure *2
Power consumption at ultimate pressure*2
Dimensions WxLxH *3
EV-PA50 50 20 230 175 x 238 x 192
EV-PA 250 230 0.5 240 189 x 482 x 253
EV-PA 500 500 0.5 270 189 x 482 x 272
※1 Pumps are not suitable for uses where corrosive or explosive gases are emitted or where reactive byproducts are generated.A gas ballast is required to discharge gas containing condensable gas or moisture.
※2 The score in the table above are values when the gas ballast is not used.
※3 The dimensions in the table above are those of the chassis (including the foot) and do not include intake/exhaust ports and handles.

EBARA Group will work on our medium-term management plan and ESG priority issues, aiming to achieve our business policy and further improve our corporate value, through which we will contribute to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

The new Air-Cooled Dry Vacuum Pump model EV-PA will be introduced at SEMICON Japan 2018 held at Tokyo Big Sight starting December 12th.

* “Model XXX” is our model code.

Lightweight and easy-to-maintain industrial equipment contributes to the enhancement of industrial infrastructure.

Downsizing and weight saving of products contribute to sustainable resource use.