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EBARA Constructs New Automated Plant for Dry Vacuum Pumps

December 26, 2018

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EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) will construct a new automated plant on the premises of Fujisawa District in December 2019, under the name V7 Building, it will be home to the production of dry vacuum pumps, the mainstay product of EBARA’s Precision Machinery Company.

1 . Background and Purpose
Based on the basic policies of the medium-term management plan, E-Plan2019, EBARA is renovating production and operation processes centering on its automated plants and promoting the enhancement of its competitive power and improvement of profitability.
Amid the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), semiconductors have been introduced to a wide range of objects and demand is rapidly increasing in the industrial sector. Accordingly, the market for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which is the main market of EBARA’s Precision Machinery Company, is on an upward trend.
Demand for dry vacuum pumps, which are indispensable in semiconductor manufacturing sites, is also increasing. In response, EBARA will construct a new automated plant to improve the production capacity.
2 . Features of the automated plant
・It manages the production and operation statuses in real time with automation technologies using IoT and realizes efficient machining, assembly and distribution processes according to changes in demand.
・It realizes integration production in the same building, from machining to assembly and testing.
・Multi-model production in the same line.
・The equipment has been designed by taking the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) into account.
3 . Future Developments
EBARA will strive to provide products that meet the needs of customers in a timely manner at this new automated plant. After the new plant starts operation, EBARA will continue to introduce the latest automation and other technologies to further improve its productivity.
4 . Overview of Plan
Location: 4-2-1 Honfujisawa, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture
Facilities: Dry vacuum pump production plant
Building area: Approx. 18,450 m2
Construction scheduled to commence: January 2019
Construction scheduled to finish: End of December 2019

EBARA Group will work on our medium-term management plan and ESG priority issues, aiming to achieve our business policy and further improve our corporate value, through which we will contribute to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

It minimizes the energy and resource consumption during production activities.