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EBARA Organized the 3rd EOI Symposium on Cavitation

November 28, 2019

Opening speech by Akira Goto, Technical superintendent

EBARA CORPORATION (“EBARA”) held a symposium on cavitation titled "The 3rd EBARA Open Innovation Symposium on Cavitation (EOI symposium)" at the Haneda Head Office for two days from October 31 through November 1, inviting famous professors in the field of fluid mechanics.

1. Objective
The third EOI symposium was a place where EBARA's researchers and engineers and external professors learn and share their research themes and the relevant expertise regarding the Fluid Machinery and Systems business, beyond the borders of technological fields, to realize the academic-industrial alliance and technological applications. Through the collaborations, the symposium intended to introduce the technologies and products backed by the academic results and contribution to society.

2. Overview
The audience during the two days of the EOI symposium included twelve professors and nearly 100 EBARA employees. There were three sessions with the themes of cavitation resistance technology, cavitation analysis modeling, and design technology. Lectures and panel discussions to discuss business issues and the solutions followed as well.

3. Future plan
In order to contribute to technological development through collaborations between internal and external researchers, the EOI symposium is a part of the EHU (Ebara Hi-tech University) activities. EHU holds lectures and invites domestic and international researchers who are engaged with collaborative research at the EOL (Ebara Open Laboratory). Ebara continues to study the latest technologies and research and development to further enhance our technical strength in academic and industrial fields.

EOI (Ebara Open Innovation): EBARA's unique open innovation model that implements collaborative research for advanced solutions to technological issues while cultivating young researchers in external research institutes