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Human Resources and Organization Change for Business Innovation and DX

April 2, 2020

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) formulated a long-term vision, E-Vision2030, as well as medium-term management plan, E-Plan2022 in February 2020 to refine management and enhance the quality. For these goals, EBARA announces the change of organizational structure and human resources, while promoting digital transformation (DX) to optimize the global business management of the EBARA Group, enhance the quality of products, and improve manufacturing processes using IoT.

1. Business Innovation
The Business Innovation Department and Global Procurement and SCM Strategy Department are established under the Operations Innovation Division*1 effective on April 1st. Toward the goals of E-Plan 2022, the mission is to develop strategies and systems in order to reconstruct the EBARA Group’s global business operations, optimize the procurement system, and reduce costs.

2. Digital Transformation (DX)
By a resolution of the Board of Directors at their meeting on March 27th, Hiroyuki Kowase, General Manager of the Information and Communication System Division, was appointed an Executive Officer. Kowase has extensive experience in digital transformation including ERP, which will be introduced company-wide.

3. Diversity
To acquire highly skilled experts necessary to execute the strategies mentioned above, EBARA hires, cultivates and promotes talented human resources, regardless of age or nationalities. For EBARA, Kowase is the first officer recruited externally as an excellent professional personnel. In the meanwhile, Michael Lordi, who is responsible for Compressors and Turbines Business, was also appointed an Executive Officer. Mr. Lordi is EBARA’s first ever non-Japanese officer.

EBARA will continue to promote DX, business innovation, and diversity to enhance the corporate value.

Hiroyuki Kowase Career History
2019 Division Executive of the Information and Communication System Division
2018 Joined Ebara Corporation.
2015 Senior Corporate Executive and Information System Department Chief Information Officer & General Manager, LIXIL
2012 Vice President of Information Systems Division, Kao Corporation

*Operations Innovation Division
Established in January 2019, the division introduces business processes using IT and digital technology, while they promote diversity and workstyle reform to create a working environment that encourages out-of-the-box ideas and launch new businesses. The division carries out business reforms to keep global growth and sustainability.