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Engine Driven Cast Iron Pumps, Collaboration between EBARA and Honda in Brazil

April 15, 2020

Honda Engine Cast Iron Pump (WHC10XR)
EBAS’s pump with “THEBE” logo

EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) collaborates with Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Honda) for the first time in Brazil. In February 2020, Honda launched engine driven cast iron pumps,which EBARA Bombas América do Sul Ltda.(EBAS*) provides pumps for the products.

1. Outline
In 1975, EBARA built the first overseas factory in Brazil, and established a predecessor company of EBAS. In the meanwhile, Honda started operations of factory in Manaus of the Amazonas state, north region of Brazil since 1976. After 45 years of their history that EBARA and Honda as Japanese manufacturers went through the same era in the country, the companies has started collaboration to supply water for irrigation or home to the areas, where electricity is not provided.

Cast iron pumps for Honda engine products are manufactured at EBAS factory in Vargem Grande do Sul, 250km northeast of Sao Paulo, then shipped to Honda Manaus factory to assemble with engines. The pump has a brand logo of “THEBE”, which shows the part is produced by EBAS. For Honda, it is the first time to have a product that has logos of two companies. The quality of EBAS’s cast iron pump is robust and has gained a high credibility from customers.

2. Product features
There are three models for various purposes from home to farming.
1) Robust cast iron casing, compact and easy to carry(24-33kg)
2) Flow rate: 8.2-36.1m3/min、Maximum head: 26-70m
3) ISO9000 certified
4) Stable pump performance with 4-stroke Honda engine

3. Future plan
A package of engine cast iron pump is distributed through Honda’s sales networks, while EBAS cooperates to expand the saless channel together. The quality control of pumps is conducted by EBAS. Since the foundation, EBARA and Honda share the passion as manufacturing companies. We will contribute to upgrading the society in Brazil.

The EBARA Group will contribute to the society and the resolution of social issues toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our business, while simultaneously increasing the social, environmental, and economic value.

Contribute to the creation of a sustainable society

*EBARA Bombas América do Sul Ltda. (EBAS) is the company consolidated Ebara Industrias Mecânicas e Comerico Ltda., founded in 1975 as the first overseas factory of EBARA CORPORATION, with Thebe Bombas Hidáulicas S.A.(THEBE). THEBE, the history since 1946, is the company to manufacture surface and submersible pumps at the factory in VGS. It was acquired by EBARA in 2015 and merged as EBAS in 2018.