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City of Sapporo selects and awards EBARA in “Excellent Safety Management Contractor and Excellent Design Contractor in Construction 2019”


EBARA CORPORATION (EBARA) is selected and awarded by Sewage and Rivers Bureau of City of Sapporo as a Good Construction Contractor for the fifth consecutive years in the “Excellent Safety management Contractor and Excellent Design Contractor in Construction FY 2019” category. This is EBARA’s sixth time to be selected and awarded.

Sewage treatment plants are part of the essential infrastructure playing roles in the safety of residents and comfortable living. EBARA solves problems sewerage faces through comprehensive engineering including proposing equipment such as pumps and blowers, design, procurement, mechanical equipment construction, and after-sales service.

This selection and award were the results of evaluation on constructions completed by EBARA in 2019 of orders received from the Sewerage and Rivers Bureau of Sapporo city. EBARA’s constructions were evaluated as excellent in the treatment facility construction category. These constructions involved on-site disassembly and maintenance of existing vertical pumps in multiple sewage treatment plants. In Comparison with a case which transports the pumps to and services them at Futtsu Plant, Chiba, we were able to achieve the following:
・Shortening the construction period
・Avoiding accident and disaster risks during the transportation of equipment
・Reducing costs including transportation

Pumps (excerpts)
No.1 Main Pump 900VZM Model
Φ900 mm × 115 m3/m ✕ 6 m ✕ 150kW
One Unit Each
No.2 Main Pump 800VZM Model
Φ800 mm × 87 m3/m ✕ 10 m ✕ 210kW
No.3 Main Pump 700VZM Model
Φ700 mm × 63 m3/m ✕7.5 m ✕ 115kW
No.4 Main Pump 600VLZM Model
Φ600 mm × 48 m3/m ✕ 20 m ✕ 250kW
No.5 Main Pump 350VLZM Model
Φ350 mm × 13 m3/m ✕ 20 m ✕ 75kW
Construction Period May 20, 2019 to March 18, 2020

3.Our Future Plan
In EBARA’s long-term vision “E-Vision2030”, we aim to support “Earth friendly society, Safe and Secure Social Infrastructure, World without shortage of water and food” and “Contribute to building a sustainable society”. Many infrastructure facilities including sewerage in Japan are now older than 40 years. To those ageing facilities, EBARA proposes equipment updates and life extension technologies to support toughening social infrastructure. Also, to address inundations and river floods caused by typhoons etc., we continue to propose pumps with improved drainage capacity and highly reliable equipment that surely functions.

The EBARA Group will achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and further enhance the corporate value through tackling the ESG materiality in accordance with our long term vision and medium term business plan.

  • Contributing to building a sustainable society