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EBARA Endorses Keidanren's "Challenge to 30% by 2030"

April 26, 2021

EBARA Corporation (EBARA) expresses its support for Keidanren's (the Japan Business Federation) “Challenge to 30% by 2030.” Companies supporting this initiative aim to have 30% of executives be women by 2030.

1. Background
In Keidanren’s “The NEW Growth Strategy,” it has set an aspirational target for 30% or more of executives to be women by 2030. In order to create a movement to achieve this specific target, Keidanren encourages the following actions.

1 . Position diversity and inclusion as key corporate strategies, and carry out initiatives that lead to business impact
2 . By focusing on boards of directors —the decision-making bodies of companies— accelerate initiatives to apply the perspectives of a diverse range of people, including women, to the execution of operations and governance
3 . Provide support in line with each career stage, from hiring to leadership development (including identifying candidates), in order to strengthen the talent pipeline
4 . Pursue the creation of organizations and environments that can maximize the performance of all employees by breaking away from previous employment practices and reforming the organizational culture

For more information on the “Challenge to Achieve 30% by 2030,” please refer to the following

2. Overview
EBARA has decided to endorse this challenge as we aim to further promote diversity as a measure to achieve the E-Vision 2030 material issue “Promote working environments that encourage challenge.”

EBARA is actively working to promote diversity and has taken on the challenge of revitalizing our working culture by implementing measures to reform awareness and culture, develop systems and environments, reform business, and visualize operations. As a result, the ratio of women in management has increased from 4.2% (end of March 2016) to 6.1% (end of December 2020). In addition, three out of ten of EBARA’s directors are women.

3. Future Plans
We will continue to strengthen and accelerate support for the career development of female employees and increase the ratio of women in management. We will continue to actively promote diversity and aim to become a corporate group that provides diverse employees with meaningful work and comfortable working environments.