Corporate Social Responsibility

Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.

EBARA Group Environmental Policy

EBARA Group's purpose is to make social and industrial infrastructure more efficient and robust through the innovation of products and services in the areas of water, air, and the environment and to realize a sustainable society in which the people of the world can live comfortably and prosperously.
We promote the following activities in recognition that environmental management is vitally important and contributes to the preservation of ecosystems, the foundation of all economic activities.

1. Development of products and services that contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources and the resolution of social issues, achieved through miniaturization, improved efficiency, reuse, and other considerations made during development and production.
2. Conservation of resources, beginning with energy and water conservation. We will reduce waste and recycle, and engage in manufacturing with the utmost consideration for reducing environmental impact.
3. Continuous reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We recognize that climate change is an important global issue, and as such, we will work to continuously reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout value chains from the perspective of product/service life cycles. Further, we will maximize the use of renewable energy within a realistic scope.

In pursuit of the above, we will establish and maintain an environmental management system and implement the following through its operation:

4. We will set environmental targets, regularly review performance against these targets, and work to improve environmental performance. We will additionally continuously implement improvements to the system itself.
5. We will comply with domestic and international legal requirements and internal standards. Further, we will respond sincerely to the demands of stakeholders.
6. We will actively disclose information to and communicate with stakeholders and work to foster society's trust in us.

Masao Asami
President, Representative Executive Officer
July 16, 2019