Corporate Social Responsibility

Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.

Environmental Policy

Basic Stance on Efforts to Resolve Environmental Issues

In an effort to protect the ambient environment, we are working towards decreasing the burden that our business activities exert on our natural environment and are continually working to eliminate pollution. Through our activities, we are developing technology and products that will contribute to the formation of a recycling-oriented society. Our total solutions*1 are provided to all our valued customers in the hope of realizing that goal.

* 1 Total solutions: Problem solving technology or a scheme designed for resolving a given issue using multiple processes, equipment and material integrally and not from the perspective of individual elemental technologies.

EBARA CORPORATION Environmental Policy

1. We are strongly aware that our products contributing to the effective use of water resources or the mitigation of environmental pollution constitute the core elements of our business. From the standpoint of downsizing, higher efficiency and reusability, we will dedicate our efforts to the development of superior products, placing the utmost care on reducing our environmental load.
2. We will seek a way to minimize energy consumption and waste generation arising from manufacturing activities.
3. We will encourage each of our sales offices to maximize the use of green energy.
4. We are committed to making every effort to comply with all laws and regulations in all regions.

Masao Asami
President, Representative Executive Officer
March 28, 2019