Corporate Social Responsibility

Ebara is committed to contributing to society through cutting-edge products and services and responsible corporate citizenship.

Social Contribution / Social Welfare

Social Contribution Policy

The EBARA Group carries out social contribution programs primarily in five areas: technology and arts promotion, community interaction, social welfare, environmental preservation, and sports promotion.

When undertaking activities, consideration is always given to continuity. These types of social contribution programs are not something that can produce results in a single day. We identify changing issues and needs by communicating with supporting organizations and local residents and make improvements on a continuous basis.

The EBARA Group asks stakeholders to understand and cooperate with this policy.
We refer to this as "high-quality communication.
" Through high-quality communication, we strive to create an environment stakeholders can take pride in:

Social Contribution Policy
The EBARA Group is committed to social contribution activities with the focus being on technical and educational assistance in business fields related to water, air, and the environment.

Basic Philosophy for Activities

The EBARA Group states in its corporate philosophy that we will contribute to society through our business activities, but we also contribute to the development of local communities and society through various types of community involvement. We conduct these activities because we believe that communicating with local communities and society, contributing to solving local issues and the development of a better society are key roles of a business. When carrying out social contribution programs, the EBARA Group takes specific action based on the following three basic policies.

1 . Focus Business Activities
Carrying out social contribution programs by making use of the technologies, know-how,
and strengths gained through business activities.
2 . Foster Human Resources
Contributing to the development of future generations of human resources through a variety of programs in the sciences and technology,
the environment, culture, and sports.
3 . Meet Social Needs
Understanding the issues facing local communities and society and carrying out social contribution programs tailored to their needs.

Main activities

Leveraging Our Business Activities

1.EBARA Hatakeyama Memorial Fund Technology Seminar

In response to strong requests by developing regions, EHMF has organized small and large seminars, workshops, and training courses on flood control, drainage, water supply development, irrigation, and other topics related to pump technology and infrastructure development. Additionally, in recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for refrigeration technology seminars.

EBARA has started an initiative to donate business and engineering knowledge, as well as pump models, to universities in the developing world in response to the need for these regions to have access to the latest technology. These donations are seen as crucial to these areas as they do not have the necessary funding or experience to develop their own research and education programs.
EBARA Hatakeyama Memorial Fund

Sectioned Model of Donated Pump
Technical Seminar

2.Internships, Work Experience, Factory Tours

We offer workplace tours for local elementary school students, work experience for junior high school students, and internships for high-school and college students. Participants benefit from a classroom environment, where they get to know the importance of our manufactured products and their place in society.

Factory tour
Work Experience
Experience in 2017(2017.4.~12)
  Internship program Factories Offices
General public 2 241 -
Students 88 393 11
Total 90 634 11
Number of visitors
/internship participants
*Our internship programs are of various durations, from short programs of a few days, to long programs of a few months. The programs offer first-hand experience of the work that takes place at our offices and factories.

*Visits to our offices and factories include explanations of our businesses and the mechanisms of our pump products.

Fostering Human Resources

1.Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation / youth cooperation and creativity development training business

 Ebara Youth Award Ceremony

We help foster the creativity of local youth through our support of science and technology education initiatives led by the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation. In particular, we are a special sponsor of JIII’s All-Japan Boys and Girls Challenge contest, an event that EBARA helps share the joy of creating things, underlines the importance of teamwork, and espouses the benefits of a rich imagination to boys and girls across the country. We vigorously support these efforts in the belief they will solidify the future of our society, and by association the economy and well-being of Japan and the world.
Institute of Invention and Innovation (Japanese only)

2.Rikejo: Promoting Women in Science


EBARA proudly supports Kodansha Rikejo’s initiative to bring down social barriers in the manufacturing sector by encouraging you women to take interest in engineering and manufacturing sciences. Through Mirairikejo “manufacturing cafe” events, we hope to improve the image that manufacturing is a man’s only field. This is a long term initiative that hope to mitigate decreases in manufacturing due to declining birth rates.
RIKEJO CAFE (Japanese only)

Meeting the Needs of Everyone

1.Meeting Our Communities’ Needs

1)Summer Festivals
EBARA Group offices hold summer festivals every year for the local communities they are situated in. Everyone is invited to join and participate in these “matsuri.”

Futtsu office
Fujisawa office
Tochigi office

2)Haneda Vickies
EBARA sponsors the local women's basketball team.
With its home court located right next to EBARA’s head office in Tokyo, the "Vickies" represent the finest of Haneda’s local sports culture.
Haneda Vickies (Japanese only)

2.Meeting Social Needs

1)Meals in Support of Children
Every time an employee eats in the EBARA head office caffeteria ¥20 is donated to TABLE FOR TWO Interanationl, an NPO focused on providing healthy food for children in developing nations and more balanced food for children suffering from obesity in developed countries. This allows EBARA staff to easily participate in programs designed to improve conditions for children in Africa and Asia.(July 31, 2016)

2)Disater Relief Activities

Marche” Reconstruction Assistance

EBARA supports industry in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, by helpling victims coordinate business activities in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures. Business efforts focus on the production and sale of local craft items. The earthquake reconstruction is a long term process that EBARA is committed to supporting as long as help is needed.

3.Meeting the Needs of Employees

EBARA Employees have stated that they strongly desire to contribute to society through social activities that include their families. In response EBARA has developed activities and initiatives that promote environmental friendliness and education, both at the local and global level. The result has been an improved sense of morale and community awareness. Some of these actvities include:

1)"Water and air and forests of the environment" environmental conservation activities
The EBARA Environment Fund has been participating in the "Kanagawa Suigen no Shinrin Zukuri Project" since 2007 as a way of supporting planting activities by NGOs and the public sector. We have been participating in and supporting efforts for making forests of water sources by making a fixed amount donation and taking part in forest growing activities that have continued for five years.

We have received from the Kanagawa prefectural government about 15 hectares of the Yadoriki Water Source Forest
(located in Matsuda-machi, Ashigara-gun, Kanagawa prefecture) as a partner forest and set it as a forest for water, air, and the environment.
EBARA Group employees and their families have been joining forest maintenance activities every year.

2) Illustrated Books For Kids
give picture books to children in conflict and poverty community activities

EBARA donates translated illustrated books to children in impoverished children in problem areas around the globe. The books, written in their own language, help promote literacy and educate children about the dangers of mines, drugs, and arms.

Green Activities
Translated Illustrated Books for Kids