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Management Plan

Medium-term management plan

The EBARA Group has formulated “E-Plan 2019,” the Medium-Term Management Plan for the period from FY2017 to FY2019.
The Group hopes that by the completion of E-Plan 2019 it will have further developed as a manufacturer of industrial machinery that grows and develops its business on a global basis. To this end, the Group aims to thoroughly improve profitability in all business and designates the period covered by E-Plan 2019 as the period to engage in the “unlimited challenge toward growth”

The key message of E-Plan 2019 "unlimited challenge toward growth"

Key management indicator
Groupwide Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)* 8% or more in FY2019
*ROIC=    Profit (loss) attributable to owners of parent _  
    (Interest-bearing debt** + Shareholders’ equity**)
**Average between beginning and end of period
Key management indicators to assess business execution
Operating income to sales ratio targets for FY2019
The entire Group 9.0% or more
 Fluid Machinery and Systems Business 8.5% or more
  Pumps Business 8.0% or more
  Compressors and Turbines Business 11.0% or more
  Chillers Business 7.0% or more
 Environmental Plants Business 11.0% or more
 Precision Machinery Business 12.0% or more

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