Investor Relations

Message from the President

Masao Asami
President and Representative Executive Officer

Since our establishment as a pump manufacturer in 1912, EBARA Group has been supporting the improvement of society and the global environment by expanding our business to address the changing needs of society and contributing to wide range of liquid and gas transportation necessary for industry and life all over the world. We then expanded to the Environmental Plants Business in 1961and the Precision Machinery Business in 1985.
All of these businesses were built by taking on new challenges with technological capabilities the Ebara Group had developed over time. These new challenges allowed us to increase the number of operation and production facilities globally, and expand our lineup of products, service and support options.

I believe that the EBARA Group’s mission is “Technology. Passion. Support our Globe,” and as President, Representative Executive Officer, I plan to improve sensitivity to market demand, tackle necessary changes and take action quickly at all levels to continue on our “unlimited challenge towards growth”. Furthermore, we will continue to cultivate a “corporate culture that encourages competition and embraces challenge” where each employee can develop to their full potential and make the most of their abilities regardless of gender, nationality, or other factors.
With our depth of technology, passion, dedication, and tenacity, we will achieve our goal of becoming a world-class industrial machinery manufacturer that supports our future society and the environment.

Towards the Growth of Ebara Group

In the Precision Machinery Business, we will continue to support the semiconductor industry, which is expected to grow steadily toward 2030, and contribute to the creation of an affluent and sustainable society by realizing ICAC5 (IoT, Cloud, AI, Car, 5G) with advanced technology development.
In the Fluid Machinery and Systems Business, even with harsh changes in the external business environment, such as the impact of crude oil prices on plant investment decisions, we will strive to further improve our technology so that our products will be selected and used by customers with confidence, and take necessary measures to improve and maintain stable profits to support such developments.
In the Environmental Plants Business, we will continue to strengthen our unique technology development and support systems in order to realize and support a sustainable low carbon society.
Ebara Group utilizes its distinctive three business segment structure to strengthen the foundation and improve the profitability and operation of each business, thereby enhancing the stability of the entire group and enabling us to further improve our corporate value.

Progress of E-Plan 2019

E-Plan 2019, our medium term management plan, was launched in April 2017 with the main goal set to thoroughly improve the profitability of all our business segments and engage in “unlimited challenge toward growth”. Two years have passed since the start, and this year is the third and final year, but it will be difficult to achieve our goal of improved profitability.
In the Fluid Machinery and Systems Business in particular we must improve our operating profit margin. The oil and gas market, a main market for the Fluid Machinery and Systems Business, is showing signs of recovery and we plan to capitalize on this opportunity by taking on “challenge” at every level, thereby improving profitability and achieving continued growth beyond 2020.

(1) Key management indicator: Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)

(2) Key management indicator to assess business execution: Operating Income Ratio

In order to achieve an ROIC of 8.0% or more of the entire group, each business will set operating income ratio as a key management indicator to assess business execution.