Investor Relations

Message from the President

Masao Asami
President and Representative Executive Officer

Since our establishment as a pump manufacturer in 1912, EBARA Group has been supporting the improvement of society and the global environment by expanding our business to address the changing needs of society and contributing to the development of a wide range of liquid and gas transportation technologies necessary for industry and life all over the world.

We then expanded to the Environmental Plants Business in 1961 and the Precision Machinery Business in 1985. All of these businesses were built by taking on new challenges with technological capabilities the Ebara Group had developed over time. These new challenges allowed us to increase the number of operation and production facilities globally, and expand our lineup of products, service and support options.

Review of Previous Medium-term Management Plan: E-Plan 2019

E-Plan 2019 aimed to thoroughly improve the profitability of all businesses to allow the Company to further develop into an industrial machinery manufacturer that expands and grows business on a global scale. The key message of this period was, “Unlimited Challenge toward Growth,” and each business segment implemented various measures in pursuit of this goal.

However, we did not meet either of the key performance indicator targets set for E-Plan 2019. This was mainly due to our too-optimistic market outlook, especially regarding the oil and gas market recovery, and insufficient business structure transformation to strengthen our revenue base. Investment was generally conducted according to plan, but we do not expect to feel beneficial effects until after 2020. On the other hand, we repurchased shares for the first time and greatly exceeded our target total return ratio. Regarding ESG-focused management, we implemented many governance improvement-related measures.

Formulation of Long-term Vision “E-Vision 2030” and Medium-term Management Plan “E-Plan 2020”

In relatively unstable and difficult to read circumstances, we have a responsibility to indicate our vision, policies and strategies for the future, and we have done so within “E-Vision 2030.” A key message of the long-term vision is “Technology. Passion. Support our globe,” and we aim to further our contributions toward the SDGs through the pursuit of solutions to our identified material issues to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, while simultaneously increasing the social/environmental value and economic value we generate. We believe this will earn us greater corporate value and recognition as an excellent global company.

The Medium-term Management Plan: E-Plan 2022, was created by reviewing and clarifying issues that remained from the previous medium-term management plan, in addition to backcasting of the kinds of issues we must face to achieve our Long-term Vision: E-Vision 2030. We have positioned E-Plan 2022 as the time to “Reconstruct the foundations of growth.”

For more details about E-Vision 2030 and E-Plan 2020, please refer to the following documents:

Notice Regarding the Formulation of EBARA’s Long-term Vision and Medium-term Management Plan
Long-term Vision: E-Vision 2030 & Medium-term Management Plan: E-Plan 2022 (Presentation)

In the next three years, the first stage of E-Vision 2030, we will steadily implement each measure with our key message of “Reconstruct the foundations of growth” in mind, and aim for the next stage of growth. With the spirit of “Passion and Dedication,” we will continue to challenge new issues to contribute to solving social issues using our strengths of reliability and technological capabilities, and we will support our globe with technology and passion.