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Putting an R&D network in place to drive EBARA’s continuous growth

Ebara began promoting Ebara Open Innovation, an initiative for collaborating with universities and other external research institutes as a means to take advantage of outside expertise and enhance its basic research, drawing from the company’s advanced technologies accumulated over many years. Moreover, Ebara set up an in-house research organization called the Ebara Open Laboratory for the purpose of enabling the group as a whole to independently conduct R&D on basic technologies, build up in-house technological expertise and nurture researchers and developers.

Leveraging its R&D network, driven by Ebara Open Innovation and the Ebara Open Laboratory, Ebara will promote more joint-research with research institutes outside the group, including universities, and encourage more collaboration between development departments at its business group subsidiaries worldwide. In this way, Ebara intends to promote original R&D that otherwise could not be achieved independently by the company. Ebara aims to make its fluid technologies, numerical analysis techniques, materials, analysis and other foundational technologies the very best in the world. By incorporating advanced techniques and methodologies based on these technologies, the company will work to further enhance the core technologies that go into its products while developing technologies for the future.

EOL(Ebara Open Laboratory)

Ebara’s new research organization, the Ebara Open Laboratory, is a unique organization that facilitates participation in research projects, incorporating research themes and rapidly applying results to business applications. It provides a space to pursue basic research―something that many Ebara researchers were previously unable to pursue in their working hours because they are also responsible for product development in their respective business groups. Established as an incubation center for technologies and human resources, the Ebara Open Laboratory is a new research organization for enhancing knowledge and skills, and for sharing research results obtained through projects conducted by each business group’s product development personnel.

<Three Research Departments>

  • 1. Fundamental Technologies Research Department This department carries out research and development across divisions and departments company-wide, applying knowledge to enhance Ebara's fundamental technologies such as flow analysis, corrosion and anti-corrosion material assessment, chemical properties assessment, control methods, and engineering.
  • 2.Product Core Technologies Research Department This department acts as an interface between research and business, carrying out applied research jointly with the Fundamental Technologies Research Department and the Advanced Analysis Department. The purpose of this research is to improve the composite technologies at the core of each business group’s products and to bolster product competitiveness.
  • 3.Advanced Analysis Department This department applies its own highly specialized numerical analysis techniques and carries out R&D independently and jointly with the two above-mentioned departments. It also provides specialized training and assistance in solving issues confronting business divisions.

Intellectual Property

Under Ebara's basic policy to development and acquire intellectual property that enhances the company's core competencies, the Property Division continuously strives to keep its operations strategic and mitigation focused. To this end, the division has established a global intellectual property risk management organization that works to reduce business risks and improve response to lawsuits related to intellectual property as well as to analyse intellectual property agreements.