CSR Management

Anti-Corruption Program

Declaration of President, Representative Executive Officer

(English translation of original Japanese statement)

June 24, 2015

The Ebara Group Anti-Corruption Program

President, Representative Executive Officer,
Toichi Maeda
Ebara Corporation

Since 2012 the Ebara Group's Anti-Corruption Program has been one of the core elements of our CSR activities. It has an important role in the implementation of our business ethics. The Program consists of 3 elements: namely, prohibition of the taking and receiving of bribes, promotion of fair and free competition, and exclusion of any ties with anti-social forces. Today, with the global expansion of the Program, we continue to monitor, evaluate, and adjust ourselves, always keeping the same original commitment against corruption.

As the President and Representative Executive Office of Ebara Corporation, I hereby renew our pledge against corruption.

1 . The Group’s managements and employees will promote fair, faithful, and transparent business activities by complying with all laws and ordinances, as well as relevant internal policies and rules.
2 . The Group will not tolerate breach of laws, ordinances, or internal policies and rules by our managements and employees. Infractions will be met with strict consequences.
In the event of a clear incident of corruption, the Group will suspend its business transaction with the offending external party.
3 . Top management will take initiative in implementation of the Anti-Corruption Program by actively disseminating the Program and leading by example. The top management will also take responsibility when there is suspicion of corruption by ensuring proper measures are taken in the course of investigations and taking measures to prevent any recurrence.
4 . The Group recognizes that trust and confidence gained from other companies, customers, business partners and stakeholders is indispensable and strives to gain that through fair, faithful and transparent business activities.
5 . The Group will aim at thorough prevention of corruption, by periodically providing internal training sessions, reexamining regulations, and reviewing the state of compliance, in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Program.