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Dialogue - Financial results briefing
- Meeting to explain medium-term management plan
- IR Day
- General Meeting of Shareholders
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- ESG Meeting
- Dialogue between the Board of Directors and investors
Reports - Report for shareholders (Japanese language only) - Corporate Governance Report
- Annual Securities Report
Report & Web - Integrated Report
Web - Site for Shareholders and Investors
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- ESG Data
Reporting Period Sustainability Website Updated as needed. We strive to provide up-to-date information.
Integrated Report Covers the indicated fiscal year from January to December. Some information is current to the time of writing. Integrated Report 2023 was published in Japanese July 31, 2023
Organizational Scope In principle, "the Company" or "EBARA" refers to EARA Corporation alone. "EBARA Group," "the Group," "Groupwide," or we/us generally refers to the EBARA Corporation and its subisidiaries (of which 112 are consolidated), four affiliates, and one jointly controlled company. Notice will be provided when the scope of data collection differs from the above.