Cost Categories Capital
Main lnvestment・Expenses Main Effect
Pollution Prevention Cost 43  33  Maintenance and Management of Wastewater Treatment Facilities Compliance with Laws, Agreements and our Voluntary Standards
Global Environmental Protection Costs 227  0  Air Conditioner Update
LED lighting
Reduction of Energy Consumption
Waste Disposal・Recycling Costs 0  113  Waste Disposal Costs Prevention of Environmental Pollution
Environmental Management Activity Costs 4  170  ISO 14001 Maintenance and Recertification Audit Costs
Environmental Data Management System Maintenance Costs
Maintenance and lmprovement of EMS
Avoiding Environmental Risks
Costs related to Social Efforts to reduce Environmental lmpact 0  4  Donations,etc. Communication with Stakeholders
Costs related to Environmental Protection 0  0 
Total 274  320