EBARA Group CSR Policy UN Global Compact ISO 26000 Relevant Information
4 Areas The Seven Key Principles The Seven Core Subjects
1. Ethics; We conduct our business with a strong sense of ethics Ethical behavior Organizational governance EBARA Group Business Ethics Framework
Respect for the rule of law Corporate Governance
Respect for international norms of behavior Compliance
Risk Management
(1) Pride; We take pride in our role supporting society, industry and life. Value Creation Story
(2) Products and Services; We satisfy customers with inventive products and services. Consumer issues Technologies
Quality Management
(3) Competition; We practice our business based on free and fair competition. Anti-corruption Fair operating practices Compliance
Supply chain management
(4) Environment; We play our part in improving the global environment. Environment Environment Environment
2. Trust; We foster trust with our valued stakeholders. Respect for stakeholder interests Stakeholders
(5) Passion and Dedication; We pursue all activities with passion and dedication. History
(6) Human rights and Diversity; We respect human rights and diversity above all else. Human rights Respect for human rights Human rights Human Rights
Diversity Promotion
Supply chain management
(7) Disclosure; We develop mutual understanding with stakeholders through transparent and fair disclosure. Accountability Editorial Policy and Guideline Reference Tables
Transparency IR Library
Integrated Report
ESG Data
GRI Content Index
Privacy Policy
(8) Work Environment; We sustain a safe workplace and strive for a stimulating work environment. Labour Talent Management
Occupational Safety
Health Management
(9) Communication; We utilize high-quality communication to be an industrial firm all stakeholders take pride in. Community involvement and development Social Contribution
Editorial Policy and Guideline Reference Tables