<Scope 1 + 2 (emissions by our own company)> <Scope3/Avoided Emission/Others (value chain)>
Major measures
1) Expansion of switch to green power

2) Promotion of energy-saving and production innovations in internal business activities

3) Conversion from fossil fuels to non-fossil alternatives (promotion of electrification)

4) Utilization of carbon pricing
 ・Introduction of internal carbon pricing (ICP)
 ・Utilization of certificates and credits
1) Emissions reduction: conversion to energy-saving and resource-saving products, promotion of circular economy businesses by providing energy-saving and low-GHG services and support, collaborations between suppliers and customers, etc.

2) Removal, recovery, etc.: supply of GHG decomposition products, expansion of CCS/CCUS, etc.

3) Introduction of renewable energy: hydrogen, geothermal, solar thermal, etc.

4) Carbon recycling and emission control: hydrogen, chemical recycling, etc.

5) Absorption: forest conservation credits, etc.