Career Level Program Name Overview
Department Manager Department Manager Training Enhancement of awareness as a business division leader, development of skills to strengthen organizational capabilities
Section Manager Section Manager Training Changing awareness to shift from a “player’s” mind-set to a “management” mind-set, acquisition of skills
Newly-appointed manager Management Training Knowledge of current human resource system, acquisition of necessary knowledge and skills for evaluating performance
OJT Leader for new employees OJT Leader Training Acquisition of an understanding of the roles of OJT Leaders and basic knowledge, includes post-training follow-up session
Equivalent to specific post qualifications Business Person Training: Advanced Encouragement of initiative and practical action as a young leader who can motivate one’s own organization
Equivalent to third year of new graduate employment Business Person Training: Basic Encouragement of an independent approach to problem solving by broadening one’s perspective and improving the quality of one's own work
First year of new graduate employment New Employee Follow-up Training Understanding of the expectations of surrounding people, verbal expression of practical work in the office
New Employee Training Understanding of the EBARA Group's current situation and direction, awareness of its relationship to society and oneself
Program Name Applicable Level Objective
Next-generation Executive Development Program Division Managers to Department Managers Develop candidates for executive-level management
Business Leader B Training Department Managers to Section Managers Develop candidates for division-level management
Business Leader A Training Section Managers to career level preceding management-level employees Develop candidates for department-level management, acquisition of basic management knowledge
Leadership Creation School Career level preceding management-level employees Acquisition of skills necessary for management-level employees
Program Name Applicable Level Objective
Discussion Program with Executives Second-year employees Discovery of diverse ways of thinking through interaction with executives