Targets FY2022 Results Effects in FY2022 Future Initiatives
1 Group total 1.6% reduction compared to FY2018. Energy-efficient operation of facili ties, expanded procurement of low-CO2 electricity, introduction of solar power generation facilities.
・Timely upgrades of facilities with high energy consumption, such as industrial furnaces and transforming equipment
・Expanding electrification and low-carbon procurement of electricity
・Expanding installation of solar power generation equipment
・ Utilization of carbon pricing
The basic unit of sales in 2022 : 0.160km3/100 million yen, improved from the previous year.
Reuse of water in ultrapure water production, utilization of rainwater, and identification and countermeasures of leakage points based on water usage monitoring results. ・Implementation of measures for industrial water recycling and against water leakage
3 Achieved 97.5% in Japan, exceeding the target. Promote visualization of the amount of reusable waste through thorough waste separation.
Survey of waste plastic emissions
Review of waste management indicators.
・mprovement of the recycling rate by thoroughly separating waste and revising waste processing contractors
・Confirmation of effectiveness of waste management indicators