Targeted Issues Measures
Infectious Disease Prevention
To prevent infectious diseases such as novel coronaviruses and influenza the entire EBARA Group implements a variety of measures to create environments that ensure employees can work with peace of mind. Some measures include:
- Body temperature checks upon entering premises, implementing best practices to avoid the "Three C’s," and keeping records of employees demonstrating fevers/not feeling well
- Having an industrial physician available for online consultations/health guidance
- Making influenza vaccinations available at workplaces
- Conducting handwashing awareness events using the "SCORE" system
- Supporting "#SAVETheNurse", a campaign to raise awareness and encourage the use of self-made masks, led by the Health Management Council
- Donating masks made by employees utilizing internal social media to report on such activities and facilitate distribution
Promoting communication through online methods
We use our internal social media to disseminate lectures by occupational health physicians in addition to mindfulness training programs, yoga lessons, and other online programs. We also share short lunch recipes recommended for employees working from home, to reduce stress and promote communication among employees.
100% EBARA Group (Japan) Annual Medical Checkups
We aim for a 100% implantation rate of annual checkups in the EBARA Group (Japan) to facilitate employees’ ability to manage their health and detect health conditions or diseases at an early stage. (FY2019: 100% achieved)
Stress Checks
We conduct annual stress checks and use the results to raise awareness of the importance of mental health as well as to provide assistance to people who may be dealing with such issues. The stress checks allow for early detection of mental health issues, provide insight into employee engagement, and the results inform engagement improvement measures.

Some measures taken to improve mental health include:
- For managers: Mental Health Measures & COVID-19,” “PEP Talk Training”
- For all employees: Online mindfulness training, etc.
Health Improvement Programs We conduct a variety of programs to promote health and improve lifestyle-related diseases. These include such programs as, “e-Walking,” “Diet improvement Program,” "Smoking Cessation Support," etc. As a part of these programs, we provide employees with fitness trackers, so they can easily visualize the number of steps they take, as well as monitor sleep quality, heart rate data, and calories consumed.

Additionally, we use the AI health application “Karomama Plus,” to provide advice on calorie and salt intake and promote health management by recording blood pressure data.
Prevention of Passive Smoking
Indoor smoking areas at all locations in Japan have been banned following the revision of the Japanese Health Promotion Law in April 2020 to prevent passive smoking by employees.
We will continue to raise awareness regarding the harmful effects of smoking by conducting events that allow employees to measure the age of their lungs or experience a smokerlyzer, etc., and provide support for those who wish to quit smoking by subsidizing treatment costs and other measures.
Provision of Information for Female-specific Health Issues We plan and conduct various seminars and screenings catered to health issues and diseases found most commonly in females. A lecture on “Female Cancers” and online consultations with a gynecologist are offered upon request.
Provision of Information for Seniors
We plan and conduct various seminars regarding ways to prevent muscle deterioration and back pain aimed at re-employed retirees and others of advanced age.
Collaboration with Health Insurance Society We act in cooperation with the EBARA Health Insurance Society to provide employees at the four largest business sites in Japan with access to occupational health staff, including industrial physicians. This enables employees to see healthcare professionals during working hours.